Our Vision

Our vision is to coach individuals in achieving optimum health.

Our mission is to create open relationships of shared responsibility.

Our values

  1. Optimum health – We provide comfort, function, health, and aesthetics to our clients.
  2. Integrity – We live in truth to our principles.
  3. Respect – We honor the dignity of individuals.
  4. Openness – We practice honest and direct communication amongst ourselves and with our clients.
  5. Optimism – We embrace an attitude of possibility, thinking, and joyfulness as we approach our day.
  6. Stability – We operate using only sound clinical and business principles and systems.
  7. Growth and Development – We create opportunities for ourselves and our clients to become the best we can possibly be.
  8. Leadership – We promote thinking by performing beyond conventional practice norms.

Our message to patients

Because you rightfully expect treatment that will provide you with comfort, function, and aesthetics, we pledge our enthusiasm for continued learning and the creation of a caring environment. Our goal will be to assist you in reaching your optimum dental potential through shared responsibility.